In The Next 36-Minutes You'll Discover:

  • Why STOPPING the negative self-talk creates a positive switch in self-image that allows you to ATTRACT MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS. 
  • How to overcome your analysis-paralysis and use a "scaled" approach to decision making that will help you get unfrozen AND take action confidently
  • The 3 even successful leaders are doing that are STOPPING you from UNLOCKING your creative and talented self and what you need to do instead.
  • How defining your Personal Values gives you an identity to lean into and a rubric for making decisions that serves as a personal feedback loop for GROWTH AND EMPOWERMENT.
  • Exclusive Bonus Content: A 9-page step-by-step Personal Values guide to help you implement what you learn from this webinar! 

Your Presenter: Kyle Gillette 

I'm the owner of Gillette Solutions and creator of the SAGE Mindset system. I'm a certified executive/business coach, and behavioral analyst. 

I've helped more than 400 people better understand their passions and talents using the power of coaching and the DISC/Motivators assessment.

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